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Imagine designing sets for a play, creating 3D models, then building them in our scene shop, or using a 32-channel soundboard, recording a moving light show, creating the right atmosphere for a performance. How about planning and running a major production in front of a large audience. That’s just a part of the magic that happens in Production Design. It’s a creative, technical program where you will create original design, and supports the other artistic emphases in their productions. Production Design students learn all aspects of producing shows and events, from the initial concept ideas and designs to the finishing touches. They gain practical experience on state-of-the-art equipment and develop skills that are valuable in the real-world job market. Students learn to design sets, light, sound, and promotional materials. They do internship at the Fox Theatre. They learn carpentry, construction, painting, crafting props and sourcing materials. They gain experience in management, leadership, working on a team, problem solving and working within time and budgetary constraints.

What do you need to audition for Production Design?

Production Design is available for High School students only.  Please see audition requirements here:

Production Design Audition Requirements 1617v1 HOT
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