Dear OSA Community,

I am so pleased and honored to be a new member of the wonderful OSA community. The rich traditions of the school combined with its universal enthusiasm for growth make this truly a dream job. Already I have learned it is a joy just to walk the halls of OSA as the excitement and dedication of the students is simply inspiring. This student enthusiasm doesn’t happen by accident, it is the result of many people doing meaningful work to support the OSA educational experience. I am proud to now be a part of this effort and I am ready to fill my role and start contributing to the team’s work.

My work will focus on the four pillars of our strategic plan. I will work to clarify vision, set goals, and to help implement structures and systems that will allow us to achieve our goals. Those who developed the Strategic Plan have laid out an excellent road map and the challenge and fun will be to see how together we can make significant progress in each of the areas.

For now however I am enjoying getting to know the many amazing people that make up this community. I have already met many staff, students, and parents and I am looking forward to meeting many more. I believe our strength lies in the strength of our relationships so please stop by when you have a moment and say hello.

Thank you again for the great honor of inviting me in to be a part of the very special OSA community.


Brian Köhn, Executive Director.