TITLE: Science Department Chair
PHOTO: 10050
PHONE EXTENSION: 510-873-8800 Ext:8414

Julie has been interested in science since she raised her own tadpoles to frogs back in 4th grade in Minnesota. This did not end well when she left the new, little frogs to sun bathe and they turned into raisins. She went on to graduate from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for 7 years and having two babies, she moved to San Diego where she earned her Masters in Bioengineering and had yet another baby. She left the engineering world in 1999 to become a GATE teacher in her local school district. This led to a teaching credential, followed by a move to the Bay Area in 2007. She is pleased and proud to be a math and science teacher in middle school at Oakland School for the Arts for the past 9 years.