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What a weekend OSA's Vocal Rush had!!  On Friday April 17th, Vocal Rush competed in the International Championship of High School A Cappella Finals at Peter Norton Symphony in New York City. Vocal Rush was one of 12 groups from all over the U.S. who traveled to compete in this culminating event. After delivering a powerful and moving 10-minute set, Vocal Rush was crowned the 2015 champion for the third time (Vocal Rush won the ICHSA champion titles in 2013 and 2012). McKenna Lindell-Wright (grade 12) also took home the award for Outstanding Soloist. Vocal Rush did something different this year with their set, incorporating the #blacklivesmatter message into their final song after singing three songs with messages about being true to who you are, living through love and showing courage by standing up for what you believe in. The group won by 110 points also scored higher on their performance than the winning group in the collegiate competition the following night! Overall it was a rewarding and successful trip. Check out their winning performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS5gM_axVS8&feature=youtu.be

IM presentation
Recently high school students from Instrumental Music participated in the Write On! collaboration between OSA, San Francisco Classical Voice, and the Oakland East Bay Symphony. Classical players at OSA were given the opportunity to see a concert at the Paramount and write a concert review with direction from Steve Winn 
from SF Classical Voice. On Jan. 29th Michael Morgan himself and Steve Winn visited the high school chamber orchestra to speak to the students about Shostakovich, OEBS, and to answer questions. Their talk was very personable, informative, positive, and honest about the industry: we greatly appreciated their time! Stay tuned for a selection of the reviews which will be published on Classical Voice. 
Congratulations to the Digital Media Filmmaker's Challenge team for winning the Grand Prize at Christopher Coppola's PAH Fest with their film "Second Chance." Great Job to Asha Thomas, Liam Paull, Schorl Brest van Kempen, Domenico Delgado, and Sage Smith. Special thanks to Joe Lahrs, Blu Gengo, Charles Cheeks, and Josiah Berkov-Kemp. 

Feeling OSA proud!  Great job Adrian Marcel, Class of 2007!

Congratulations to Zachary Fernandez who just won the competition on Lifetime's premiere series of "Project Runyway:Threads"

OSA Students Win Best Song By An Under 18 Oakland Band In The 2014 Oakland Mayhem Contest..

The band is named The Jamming Nachos and their song "Anytime Anywhere" was selected by producers of the Oakland Mayhem contest as the best song of those submitted in their age group. Over 1,400 songs were submitted between the contest's 6-categories. OSA IM Student Jasmine Amber Stade's group The Bayonettes were runners up in the Under 18 category so congrats to them.

The Jamming Nachos feature current OSA IM Student Fatir Muhammad on lead guitar and Literary Arts Student Elena Ruiz on Lead Vocals. The band also features a pair of OSA alums Rasul Madyun on bass and Messiah Foster on keyboards and Skyline High School graduate Jeremiah Cobbs on drums.

The band was also one of the finalists in the 2014 Oakland's Got Talent competition.

The Jamming Nachos will be among the other contest winners performing live at The Oakland Mayhem Festival on Friday, November 14. The band goes on at 8PM sharp. The event will be held at The Awaken Cafe on Broadway near 14th street in downtown Oakland. Please come out and show some support for these awesome OSA students.

Listen to the their winning song

For more info on The Jamming Nachos: 
Twitter @jammingnachos

349Just in time for the Day of the Dead, the School of Visual Art is collaborating with the Oakland Museum on a special exhibit: 
The 8th and 12th grade students created masks commemorating the dead and their works will be on display at the Oakland Museum from October 8, 2014 to January 8, 2015. Students were encouraged to find meaningful symbols to express their project either conceptually or in a more traditional fashion. 

The results are inspiring and poignant: a grandmother known only through photographs and oral history; a beloved family cat; a classmate and friend; a nurturing grandfather; the loss of a celebrity and more. Each mask tells a story without words.

In addition, the students wrote artist's statements to explain the meaning of their images.

Congratulations Visual Art students on creating such amazing work!

Production Design's own Zachary Fernandez is on the premiere episode of Lifetime's "Project Runway: THREADS"!  Congratulations Zachary and PD!