Q. What is the mission of the school?
A. Oakland School for the Arts balances an immersive arts program with a comprehensive academic curriculum, providing students unique opportunities for learning, innovation, expression and personal growth. OSA’s arts and academic programs build discipline and confidence, effectively preparing creative youth to achieve their potential both in and outside of the arts.
Q. How old is the school?
A. Oakland School for the Arts was chartered in May 2000 and opened its doors in September 2002.
Q. Is the School accredited?
A. Yes. Oakland School for the Arts is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
Q. Where is the school located?
A. OSA is housed in Oakland’s historic Fox Theater, in downtown Oakland. This central location allows students access to the stimulation of a vibrant metropolitan hub, and is easily accessible by public transportation (including BART and AC Transit).
Q. When does the charter expire?
A. OSA was chartered by the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) in May 2000. The charter was renewed in December 2015 through December 2020.
Q. How do students gain enrollment?
A. Oakland School for the Arts is a free, public school chartered by Oakland Unified School District. OSA does not discriminate in admissions the basis of race, color, disability, learning differences, ethnicity, national origin, gender/gender identity, home language, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual practice. 

Students are entered into OSA’s enrollment lottery based on an audition. The audition is designed to identify students with demonstrated interest, aptitude and potential in one of ten art forms. The audition only evaluates artistic skill & potential; academic grades are not a factor.

The lottery is conducted in a public meeting and is a random process. All applicants have the same chance of being admitted except that siblings of OSA students, children of employees & board members receive preferences.

Q. What is the school’s attendance rate?
A. Presently, OSA’s attendance rate is 93%. This is among the highest in the City of Oakland.
Q. What academic programs does OSA offer?
A. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Romance Languages (French and Spanish) are required. OSA offers additional support programs through its learning center. All juniors and seniors participate in college preparatory programs as part of their academic day.