To all new and continuing OSA families-

TDAP (whooping cough) immunization is required for all new and continuing students entering 7th grade. By law, any student who has not submitted proof to OSA of their record of immunization may not attend school until that documentation is submitted.

Also, please be aware that under a relatively new California law known as SB 277, complete immunization records are required from all children to attend Oakland School for the Arts. This law is only one year old so you may not be familiar with it. Under SB 277, exemptions based on personal beliefs, are no longer an option for the vaccines required to attend school in California. Most families are not be affected by the new law because their children have received all required vaccinations. 

All new students at OSA regardless of grade level are required by The State of California to provide the appropriate immunization records to OSA. If you have a personal beliefs statement on file at your current school, that document will not be applicable at OSA. Exemptions (waivers) for medical reasons are acceptable. Please note that only a licensed Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) may provide a medical exemption.

For more information about SB 277, please see the Frequently Asked Questions available at: http://www.shotsforschool.org/laws/sb277faq/.


Dear New Applicant Families,

To secure a student’s position at OSA the Letter of Intent must be completed and returned to OSA by March 21, 2017.  If we do not receive the letter of intent your child's space will be given to a student on one of our waiting lists.

Students who are placed on a waiting list will be notified when space becomes available in their arts area and grade. Please do not call our office regarding a student's status on the waiting list. Students on the waiting list are selected based on their lottery order. Over the past several years, openings have occurred throughout the summer and as late as the first few weeks of school. We will continue to contact families on the waitlist continuously into Fall 2017 as openings develop.

We thank you for your patience with the process and your continued interest in Oakland School for the Arts.

The Application Period for the 2017-18 School Year is Closed.

Please follow the procedures described on the following pages carefully. All steps and deadlines in the application process are required for enrollment. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS CAN NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Oakland School for the Arts is a free, public school chartered by Oakland Unified School District. OSA does not discriminate in admissions the basis of race, color, disability, learning differences, ethnicity, national origin, gender/gender identity, home language, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual practice. Students are entered into OSA's enrollment lottery based on an audition. The audition is designed to identify students with demonstrated interest, aptitude and potential in one of ten art forms. The audition only evaluates artistic skill & potential; academic grades are not a factor. 

OSA's chartering authority, the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) requires that OSA maintain a level of service to Oakland residents. Therefore, Oakland residents are granted preference in the lottery.

The entire process includes the following:


Submit an application by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the application deadline (Click here for dates.) EARLY SUBMISSION IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. There is no fee to submit an application. All information on the application must be complete, current, and accurate. The parent or guardian must sign the application in order for the student to audition.


After receipt of the application and verification that all documents are complete, OSA will notify student of an audition time two weeks before the audition date.

Applicants may audition for no more than TWO artistic areas. If a student applies for more than one arts area, two applications should be submitted per student.


Audition preparation guidelines are listed under Audition Requirements and should be carefully followed. If a student becomes ill and is unable to audition, please contact the school immediately. Written verification documenting the illness from a doctor must be presented to the school within three (3) business days of the student’s originally scheduled audition date. A new audition date and time will be scheduled for the student by the school if there are additional audition dates and times available.

Each student’s audition is scored on a rubric developed by the Arts Program. Applicants are not individually ranked against each other. The applicant either exceeds, meets or does not meet the artistic standards. After the completion of all scheduled audition rounds, students who do not meet the artistic standards will be notified that they are not candidates for the lottery.  Applicants who exceed or meet the artistic standards are entered into the lottery where they are assigned a random lottery number.  

On Audition Day

Step 1- Registration

Step 2- Holding and warm up room

Step 3- The audition

Parents & Guardians are welcome to accompany their auditioning student on the scheduled date; however, parents will remain outside the audition room. Specific audition requirements for each arts discipline are described in the "Audition Requirements"

If a technical issue or extraordinary event negatively affected the student’s audition, a parent/guardian may request an appeal by submitting a written request to the Artistic Director no more than ten (10) business days after the date on the decision letter. An appeal of the panel’s judgment of artistic merit will not be heard.


Students who pass their auditions are entered into the OSA lottery where they are assigned a random number.  Students are then placed into their appropriate grade level and artistic emphasis based on their lottery number.  If all openings are at grade level and arts programs are full, students are placed on a waitlist in order by lottery number. 

OSA will notify families of the lottery results.  Click for more info.


Accepted students confirm their space in the class by returning the Student-Parent-School contract and the letter of intent. OSA asks that accepted students confirm their enrollment within one week so that applicants on the waitlist can be given spots as they become available.

Students will be scheduled for an enrollment meeting and placement test to discuss the school’s goals and expectations and to allow families to ask specific questions. The family will need to complete registration forms. At the beginning of school, student will be assigned a class schedule.