Ballet 1 & 2

Assigned Faculty: DANCE FACULTY
Course Description:

The discipline of ballet at OSA begins by covering the basic fundamentals upon which ballet technique is built. Classes focus on the following essential concepts: alignment (posture), weight placement, transfer of weight, anatomically correct turn-out, coordination, flexibility and the proper use of muscles for correct development of muscular shape using resistance and opposition. Emphasis is placed on the movement value of the steps, developing muscular strength and stamina (breath control) and musicality involving different rhythms, accents and phrasing. Students learn basic fundamentals and gain an understanding of how ballet works in the contemporary world of dance.

Students are expected to:

  • Develop a professional attitude toward their art, their academics, and their lives;
  • Practice the daily habits of the required etiquette in class and rehearsal
  • Develop an understanding that only through honest assessment (both from the students themselves and their instructors) can genuine improvement occur and, consequently, display the ability, willingness, and open-mindedness to accept challenges and honest feedback
  • Pursue the mind-set of a disciplined and powerful performer