The dance department maintains a rigorous and challenging dance atmosphere, through dance training of the highest caliber, with an emphasis on building the strong technical foundations necessary for today’s professional dance world.  Students are trained in Ballet, Horton, and Dunham techniques with an emphasis on understanding and embodying the roles technical expertise and artistic expression play in the professional dancer. Daily classes in ballet technique are geared toward developing a greater comprehension and continued awareness of how strong ballet training is an essential component in developing the full potential of the professional contemporary dancer and performer. In addition to their daily training, students will be able to experience dance styles and techniques not emphasized in the curriculum through classes with master guest teachers. 


Students will be pushed daily with an emphasis on training, discipline, and etiquette.  This process will make visible to the students the connection between dance and life and life and dance.  The knowledge, discipline, and serious nature of OSA’s School of Dance, is intended to arm students with the strong technical foundation, confidence, and self-discipline that allow them to advance their education in conservatories, universities, and colleges, to prepare for careers in dance, or to aspire to achieve any future they envision for themselves.