Jazz Program (Dave Ellis / Patrick Anseth / Claire Phillips / Geechi Taylor):

From 6th-12th grade, our students involved in the Jazz Program take part in both combos and full Jazz Ensembles. With the recent CMEA successes, exciting masterclass, and Dave Ellis' keen leadership skills, our jazz musicians are becoming a force in the area. Our combos are ready and willing for a gig; most recently we have had success performing at every first Friday in Oakland at the Sound Room as well as shows at the Fox, Jack London Square, Jerry Brown's Gala etc. Students are encouraged to play in multiple idioms including classical ensembles.

Orchestra and Chamber Music Program (Nick Kanozik / Justin Ouellet / Crystal Pascucci):

Chamber musicians include combinations of winds, strings, and pianists and are trained to be antonymous through both in house performances and gigging opportunities. String trios, woodwind ensembles, string quartets, etc. For larger groups, we offer both a string orchestra and a full orchestra. The full orchestra has performed at the Fox Theatre, the Asian Cultural Center, the Berkeley Community Theatre, the DNA lounge alongside Mason Bates' Baroque and Beats, and countless in-house performances. We are also excited to offer our annual concerto competition. Students are encouraged to play in multiple idioms including Jazz ensembles.

Piano Program (Emily Tian / Kev Choice / Nick Kanozik):

Students are guided through a well-rounded education providing opportunities in solo performance (in connection with Piedmont Piano and other venues), ensemble and accompaniment, theory for pianists, and concerto possibilities with the orchestra. Students in OSA's piano program have won many competitions including a large presence in the United States Open Music Competition (Pianists gaining 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in various categories), Jr Bach, concerto competitions and others.  

Guitar Program (Patrick Anseth / Tony Kakamakov):

The guitar program includes Jazz Guitar Ensembles, Classical Guitar Ensembles, and Guitar Styles Courses (courses that supplement student's education with technical skills including more diverse genres). The program's primary focus is to prepare students for performances/competitions; in addition, the curriculum incorporates history and theory as it relates to the guitar specifically. Both Jazz and Classical Guitar Ensembles are designed to provide students with strong ensemble skills required to study at conservatories, colleges, and universities.

Ethnomusicology Program:

The Ethnomusicology program supplements the other IM programs and incorporates a variety of study supporting multi-cultural idioms. OSA offers afrocuban music, in school and afterschool instruction on traditional Chinese instruments, Indian music, and Javanese Gamelan.


In collaboration with the Vocal Music Department, OSA offers a number of electives to High Schoolers each Monday:

  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Piano Elective
  • Jazz Workshop
  • Traditional Chinese Instrument Lessons
  • Indian Music
  • Afrocuban Ensemble
  • Composition/Visual Music
  • OSA Contemporary
  • MIDI Production
  • Careers in Music
  • Songwriting
  • Vocal Pop Lab
  • New Orleans Ensemble