The Literary Arts program at Oakland School for the Arts is a rigorous introduction to the art and practice of writing. The curriculum is a comprehensive, dynamic, and innovative exploration of literary genres, styles, and techniques. The program is driven by a faculty of published authors who are, in equal measure, dedicated teachers and practicing, published writers. Literary Arts faculty regularly draw upon their own literary connections to bring in professional writers and editors to talk with students. Intensive, craft-oriented writing workshops—with literature and literary analysis folded into the curriculum—comprise the core of the program. Courses are differentiated, to allow students at all levels to feel comfortable yet challenged. Course offerings change each semester; all are writing-intensive but include significant amounts of readings intended to expose students to a diverse array of writers both traditional and contemporary, canonical and experimental. Literary Arts also focuses on project-based and collaborative learning, and students get hands-on experience in editing, compiling, designing and producing a range of publications.

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Literary Arts student reading & Enizagam literary journal release party

Oct. 26


Suggested donation $5-$10

Chapter 510: 2301 Telegraph Avenue