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The School of Literary Arts is an inventive and intensive exploration of the art and practice of creative writing. Our program is a comprehensive, dynamic, and innovative introduction to literary genres, styles, and techniques driven by a faculty who are both dedicated teachers and practicing, published writers. Rigorous, craft-oriented writing workshops—with literature and literary analysis folded into the curriculum—comprise the core of our program. Courses are differentiated to allow students at all experience and accomplishment levels to feel comfortable yet challenged. Courses include readings intended to inspire students via a diverse array of writers both traditional and experimental, contemporary and canonical, from many intersecting cultures and identities. Literary Arts also focuses on project-based and collaborative learning, and students get hands-on experience in editing, designing, and producing publications. 

Some course offerings change each semester, and each period a student has three courses from which to choose. Fall craft courses include workshops in Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction. They examine rotating themes and techniques through four years. Spring semester includes Play- and Screenwriting, particular classes in Literary History, and advanced theme-based, reading-intensive generative courses. Every student takes Lit Arts 101 (to grasp the fundamentals of our primary writing genres) and Senior Books (to write and self-publish a book-length manuscript and receive mentorship from students in local college creative writing programs). 

Our current Literary Arts print and online publications are: 

Enizagam: Class-produced annual print literary journal. Features fiction and poetry submitted by writers from around the country and world. Annual Literary Contest is judged by renowned authors and results in hundreds of submissions. Students read and select all submissions. http://www.enizagam.org/

Nomenclatter: Class-produced online literary journal featuring new writing by Literary Arts students. Students write, workshop, and edit individual pieces based on a theme for monthly publication. http://www.nomenclatter.org/

OSA Telegraph: Class-produced online journalism site featuring articles, essays, interviews and more. Students work as writers, editors, proofreaders,and group leaders and also learn marketing and podcasting. http://www.osatelegraph.org/

Our Stretch + Explore courses offer students the chance to take their creative work to the next level by exploring what can happen beyond the page. For example, Spoken Word incorporates performance and theater while Transformation Strategies shows students how to improve and expand their writing by making other kinds of art and by utilizing techniques from other art forms like painting, film, and dance. S+E courses remind students that their writing craft is part of a larger context of art, culture, and expression.

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